Shaker Kitchens





High Gloss White Island Kitchen
Rotpunkt Shaker Kitchen In New Forest Oak

Shaker Kitchens

Available throughout our range, browse examples here.

Rotpunk Modern Shaker White
Rotpunkt Shaker Wood City Nature Oak
Rotpunkt Traditional Panelled White Kitchen Doors With Light Oak
Rotpunkt Shaker White Kitchen
Rotpunkt White Shaker Kitchen
Rotpunkt White Shaker Kitchen Doors With Vertical Panelling and Light Oak Tall Units
Rotpunkt Shaker White + Black Handles
Rotpunkt Traditional Panelled Matt Cashmere Island Kitchen
Rotpunkt Modern Shaker White and Sherwood Black Oak
Modern Shaker Kitchen
Shaker Oak Kitchen
Shaker Mustard Kitchen
Traditional Mussel +Wood Shaker With Island
Traditional Charcoal Shaker
White + Grey Shaker With Island
Traditional White + Wood Shaker With Island
Light Grey + Wood Shaker Compact With Island
Forrest Green Shaker + Stone
Modern Grey Shaker Island
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shaker kitchens

In recent years the Shaker kitchen style has experienced a well-deserved boom in popularity amongst homeowners and industry experts alike! At Wooden Heart our team have certainly experienced an increase in demand and not least because they look great and represent excellent quality, but also because they work equally well for utility and bathrooms as they do for kitchens.  Shaker doors have been around for a long time but now firmly back on everyone’s radar, at Wooden Heart we’re certain this is a style that’s set to stay and here’s why…

shaker Kitchen craftsmanship

Choose a Shaker kitchen design and you will buy into a fascinating heritage of purposeful design and superior quality workmanship. Originally created by the Christian Shakers (to supposedly keep them busy and free from sin) they developed a rare and highly-skilled level of carpentry.  This build quality has remained and as such Shaker kitchen styles are now synonymous with supreme craftsmanship and durability.  At Wooden Heart we combine our vast technical design knowledge with the German build quality to exhibit those very same principles.

Beauty to behold

The appeal of the Shaker kitchen door is threefold; 1) The Shaker kitchen door is composed of a proportioned frame and inset panel, creating an entirely symmetrical look which is clean and pleasing to the eye.  2) Further aesthetic appeal lies in the door’s simplicity; Shaker doors are void of any frills or unnecessary adornment due to the Shakers’ belief in simple, clutter-free design. This means that anything not needed or without function isn’t present.  The result of this is the understated beauty of the doors can shine, and put simply…they look great! 3) A clean and unfussy door fascia creates timeless appeal so your kitchen won’t look dated with age. This makes the Shaker door a popular option for someone planning on staying in their home long-term, but equally for those who aren’t as it should appeal as much to future potential buyers.

An extensive Shaker colour range

Traditionally Shaker doors were stained light in colour by the Shakers, yet modern Shaker kitchens are available in an increasingly diverse colour palette.  White remains the most popular kitchen colour choice overall and this popularity extends to the Shaker door too. Yet Shaker doors are also available in other appealing neutrals, such as Taupe, Cream, Cashmere and Pearl Grey.  Or for a more eye-catching look go for dark grey, red or even an on-trend velvet blue.  Rich blues and soft greys are currently very popular and suit this style exceptionally well.

Transitional Kitchens: from tradition to modernity

Transitional kitchens are very on trend, bridging the gap between modern and traditional styles by combining elements from both – and the Shaker kitchen is the perfect embodiment of this, with its historic Shaker origins reflected in a modern kitchen look! What this means for the Shaker finish is a highly versatile nature. It lends itself extremely well to other kitchen design styles, ranging from traditional country to contemporary, whilst still leaving plenty of room for you to put your own stamp on your kitchen’s look!  For example, small drawers, warm wood worktops and beautifully round, yet unobtrusive handles in a copper or rose gold finish will further emulate a traditional Shaker style.  Or else oversized bar pull handles in a chrome finish will accentuate the Shaker’s clean lines, and instantly change the aesthetic to a more modern look.


10 Year Guarantee

All of our fitted kitchens come with a full 10 Year Guarantee.

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Established in 1982 and producing quality kitchens ever since.

Fully Fitted Kitchens

Our kitchens are fully fitted with our made-to-measure service.

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Our kitchens are manufactured in Germany to the highest standard.

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