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White, Grey & Blue Modern In-Frame With Island

In-Frame Kitchens

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Dark Teal + Wood In-Frame Shaker Cupboard
Country White + Wood In-Frame
White, Grey + Blue Modern In-Frame With Island
Grey + Blue Modern In-Frame
Country Cream + Wood Shaker In-Frame L-Shaped With Island
Country Cream + Wood Shaker In-Frame
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Our In-Frame Kitchens Explained...

For many, the kitchen is the most important room in the house, so when it comes to renovating, you don’t want to compromise on style or quality.  In-frame kitchens rely on a traditional technique that has been used for centuries to create a sturdy style that’s built to last.

Why choose an in-frame kitchen?

Recognised for the craftsmanship that goes into them, in-frame kitchens provide you with a beautiful, streamlined design. The style is composed of slightly smaller doors that sit within the cabinet frame attached to exposed butt hinges or concealed soss hinges, with precise measurements taken to ensure that the door sits perfectly within the carcass. 

Although in-frame kitchens have been found in homes for hundreds of years, the unrivalled craftsmanship has boosted their appeal in recent years thanks to their flexibility with colour and design. In addition, the durability has meant that they’ve become a popular choice for those who are considering a kitchen renovation.  

In-frame kitchen craftsmanship

Thanks to the custom measurements taken, an in-frame kitchen is incredibly strong and with cabinet doors sitting within the frame, you’ll find that they are more resistant to marks and are less likely to sag over time. Built using traditional joinery techniques that require attention to detail, you can rest assured that your finished kitchen is long lasting.

A range of finishes

An in-frame kitchen is a flexible choice. Available in a range of woods and finishes, you’re not limited on the colour of the finished product. With an in-frame kitchen, you needn’t miss out on popular features such as curved doors either, with many of these elements also available to help customise your space.

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