Grey Kitchens





High Gloss White Island Kitchen
Rotpunk Metallic Look Pearl And Sherwood Mahattan Wood Island Kitchen | Wooden Heart
Rotpunkt Grey Stone Look Kitchen

Grey Kitchens

Available throughout our range, browse examples here.

Rotpunkt Matt Carbon Grey Kitchen With Rough Cut Oak
Rotpunkt Matt Black and Lava Grey Handleless Island Kitchen
Rotpunkt Grey Kitchen In Matt Umbra and Framed City Brown Oak
Rotpunkt Stone Look White Marble and Grey texture Island Kitchen
Rotpunk Concrete Look open plan kitchen
Rotpunkt Matt Lava and Umbria Handleless Island Kitchen
Rotpunk Metallic Look Pearl and Sherwood Mahattan Wood Island Kitchen
Rotpunkt Matt Grigio Kitchen
Rotpunkt Matt Umbra + Cashmere and City Grey Oak
Rotpunkt Matt Terra Grey
Rotpunkt Lava and Carbon Grey Matt Kitchen
Rotpunkt Matt Terra Grey Island Kitchen
Rotpunkt Matt Light Grey with Dark framed Oak
Rotpunkt Matt Lava and Umbria Handleless Kitchen
Rotpunk Vertical grain wide board Carbon
Rotpunkt Dark stone + City Brown Oak
Rotpunkt Framed City Grey Oak
Rotpunkt Matt Carbon
Ceramic Look Lava Grey
Ceramic Look Grey + Matt Salmon Pink
Concrete-look Grey kitchen
Metallic-look Titanium Kitchen
Matt Cool Grey + Metallic Oxide Kitchen
Matt Velvet Blue + Metal Oxide L-Shaped Kitchen
Matt Lava Grey + Gloss Light Grey Kitchen
Dark Grey Oak + Light Oak Kitchen
Dark concrete look Kitchen
Traditional Grey + Dark Teal Shaker With Island
White + Grey Shaker With Island
Grey + Blue Modern With Island
Matt Grey Modern Handleless With Island
Grey Modern Handleless Shaker
Modern Grey Shaker With Island
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50 shades of grey...

A popular choice for clients, grey kitchens make a beautiful and timeless addition for the home.  Within the past decade, grey tones have really come to the forefront of interior trends; admirable for their elegance, neutrality and calming façade.  Grey is also very easy to work with, which is reassuring for homeowners as they embark on projects which prove both a costly and highly personal investment.  To this end, Wooden Heart offer a generous range of grey kitchen tones ranging from very light, to mid-grey, as well as moody, dark greys at the opposite end of the grey colour spectrum. And along with our array of grey kitchen tones, we also have an impressive selection of grey finishes.  This includes high gloss, matt, wood, stone and concrete grey kitchen doors and worktops.

Grey Matt kitchens

The epitome of understated elegance, matt grey kitchen designs make an excellent and long-lasting choice for the home. They can be incorporated as a beautiful standalone finish, or else their accommodating nature is wonderfully accepting of other tones and textures; together ensuring an agreeable ambience.  Their durable surface is smooth to the touch, and less prone to fingerprints than their glossy counterparts, making matt grey doors easy to look after and maintain.   For 2020, Wooden Heart are also offering matt grey kitchen options within our dynamic new Anti-Fingerprint kitchen range.

Alternative To Surrey Interiors | Wooden Heart Of Weybridge

Grey Stone and ceramic kitchens

Reflecting the ongoing trend for rich textures as well as the popular Urban and Industrial kitchen themes, our grey Ceramic kitchens truly stand out from the crowd!  The textured grey ceramic kitchen doors are dark, opulent and full of character. They make a dramatic stand-alone statement, or else blend wonderfully with other natural and contrasting components to soften and balance the Ceramic door’s cool facade.  Wooden Heart ‘s Stone and Ceramic kitchen ranges offer a high quality product with a multitude of benefits, including resistance to scratches, heat, discolouration and stains,  

Grey Gloss kitchens

High gloss kitchen doors are renowned for their beautiful, elegant, glass-like reflections. Their look and feel is modern and clean, whilst offering versatile flexibility within design. Grey high gloss kitchens are no exception to this, and Wooden Heart are highly experienced in creating refined grey gloss kitchens with a beautiful look and highly functional nature. Available in grey gloss tones ranging from light to dark, and finishes including Lacquer, Laminate and Acrylic, there is sure to be a grey gloss kitchen finish that will suit every individual taste and budget. 

Wooden Heart Of Weybridge

grey traditional kitchens

From classically styled kitchens in light grey, to a modern reinterpretation as shown here, we have a wide range of traditional doors available in a choice of beautiful grey tones.  


10 Year Guarantee

All of our fitted kitchens come with a full 10 Year Guarantee.

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Established in 1982 and producing quality kitchens ever since.

Fully Fitted Kitchens

Our kitchens are fully fitted with our made-to-measure service.

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